Authentication Devices

4Gid is supplier of cost effective authentication products and solutions that are reliable, accurate and suit a wide range of industry and business needs. 4Gid provides fingerprint and Iris Authentication Devices in the form of handhelds, Point of Sale/Service devices, USB devices attached to PCs or Laptops, Kiosks and Mobile Phones with camera and Biometric Sensors based on the service delivery and deployment needs.

The authentication system compares the live biometrics of individuals taken on authentication system with the biometric data collected previously during enrollment and stored on Smart Cards, RFID Tags, Machine Readable Identification Documents, Handhelds or centralized biometric matching systems.

The authentication products and solutions from 4Gid can be readily used for a wide range of applications:

  • Workstation, Network, Domain and Data Access, Application Logon etc., through biometric authentication
  • Remote access to resources, transaction security and web security
  • Authentication of bank officials while accessing core banking application
  • Biometric ATMs
  • Micro banking ATMs for providing branchless banking services in remote areas
  • Point of sale/ Point of service transactions and services through biometric authentication
  • Cashless transactions
  • Access Control Management of physical premises: Offices, Airports, Hotels, Examination Halls, etc.
  • Time and Attendance Management for Offices and Institutions
  • e-passport and e-visa
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