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4Gid is UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) and STQC (Standardization Testing and Quality Certification Directorate), Department of Information Technology, Government of India Certified Supplier of Biometric Enrollment devices for the World’s largest ID project (Unique ID / Aadhaar) and India's National Population Registrar Project. 4Gid has executed some of the world’s largest orders for supply and installation of biometric enrollment devices. The devices 4Gid supply are rugged, reliable, safe, and accurate and meet various technical specifications of international biometric institutions. 4Gid supplied enrollment devices have been successfully deployed in national ID projects and have outperformed others in terms of image quality, ease of capture and ability to operate in extreme climatic conditions.

Fingerprint Slap Scanners
4Gid is a certified supplier of FBI-certified fingerprint live-scanners for capture of high resolution fingerprint images. The advanced optical technology used in these devices allows high-speed image capture and seamless image processing. An ergonomic design combined with an easy-to-integrate SDK architecture enables the fingerprint scanners to be used for wide ranging applications like national UID, election ID, e-visa, e-passport, criminal ID etc.

  • Compact and portable all-in-one live scanner for single finger flats, rolls and four finger slaps
  • Rugged IP-54 dust and waterproof form factor¬†
  • FBI certification for civil ID and AFIS applications
  • Fast and easy capture of wet and dry fingers
  • Fingerprint quality, sequence, slippage checks and automatic segmentation
  • Complete compliance to IDENT, US-VISIT and DHS requirements
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Ergonomic design

Iris Capture Devices
4Gid brings the most advanced dual-eye iris recognition device with automated acquisition and built in quality checks.  The device is integrated with Iris Recognition Technology to be used for wide ranging real time identification applications like national ID, election ID, entitlement ID, e-visa, e-passport, Biometric ATMs, etc.

  • Dual Iris & Face Capture
  • Intuitive & Easy-to-Use
  • Pristine Accuracy
  • High Resolution and Superior Image Quality
  • Best User Experience
  • Enlarged Capture Area
  • Eye Liveness detection


Mobile Enrollment Kits
Mobile Multi-biometric Enrollment Kit from 4Gid is an integrated stand-alone enrollment station that is fully operational. This mobile makes it convenient for the enrollment officials or operators to reach out to large numbers of residents very quickly, sparing them the need to travel long distances for enrollment. This kit incorporates all the essential devices required for enrollment including camera for face capture, Fingerprint Live Slap Scanner, Iris Capture Device, Laptop with client enrollment application and the associated software, Printer, monitor for the residents to verify their data, Memory stick for data transfer and Optional external battery for backup. All the equipment is stored in the robust easy to carry protective case that is shock proof, water proof, dust resistant and has internal power cabling.

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