4G Multi Modal ID Platform

4Gid Multi-modal Identity Platform is a robust, scalable, interoperable identification engine that interfaces and manages multi-biometric devices, algorithm and biographic search technologies. 4Gid Multi-modal Identity platform provides an XML based interface to the custom-built application for identification and authentication of subjects.


  • Interoperability: 4Gid Multi-modal Identity Platform is capable of integrating not only multiple biometric devices and authentication devices but also search engine algorithms for iris, finger, face and biographic data. The platform also supports the match on card technologies.
  • Scalability: 4Gid Multi-modal Identity Platform can easily scale up as the size of the deployment increases in terms of the number of subjects enrolled in the database. 4Gid web server architecture can seamlessly integrate with additional servers and can be configured to suit licensing policies from various biometric vendors.
  • Extensible: 4Gid Multi-modal Identity Platform is extensible as it has been developed using a modular software design approach. Modules can be added in a plug-and-play manner and can be integrated to suit customer requirements. Components can be configured for centralized or de-centralized deployments.
  • Flexibility with Open Architecture: 4Gid Multi-modal Identity Platform enables development of tailor made solutions to meet customer specific requirements. Various enterprise architectures and legacy systems can be integrated with 4Gid web service architecture. The customer will be able to migrate to new or alternative biometric technologies as technology continues to reach new levels of performance with minimal application and IT infrastructure changes.
  • Open Standards: 4Gid Multi-modal Identity Platform supports open standards that enable creation of biometric data which is compliant with International Biometric standards. i.e. CBEFF (Common Biometric Exchange File Format), NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), ANSI (American National Standards Institute), and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).
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