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Suprema Receives STQC Certification for India's UID Project
Seoul, Nov 22, 2010

(ACN Newswire) - Suprema, Inc., a global leader in biometrics and ID solutions, announced today that the company's latest 'RealScan-10 UID' fingerprint live scanner tested in full compliance and received certification from the Government Solutions of India's STQC (Standardization Testing & Quality Certification) for the country's UID (Unique ID, India's next generation national ID) project. The STQC certification is an essential requirement for procurements of the U$4.4 billion UID project and ensures devices to satisfy API specifications presented by UIDAI. The STQC provides quality assurance services in IT and electronics through its countrywide network of laboratories. .

 Suprema's RealScan-10 UID is a compact-sized portable fingerprint live scanner which provides range-leading capture speed and clear image quality by using the company's advanced optical image processing technology. The device performs world's fastest image scan rate of over 20 frames per second using powerful internal DSP and image processing technique.  

 "RealScan-10 UID has been specially developed to meet high-level requirements for India's UID project which demands fast and high quality image capturing and extra durability in India's harsh environments. The device features dust and waterproof rugged structure with IP54 certification required by UIDAI," said Young S. Moon, Vice President at Suprema. "Key technology in RealScan-10 UID is based on our in-depth expertise in biometrics and image processing as well as our years of experience in large-scale Government Solutions and public projects," Young added.

4G Identity Solutions, Suprema's partner in India has supported Suprema's STQC certification process and in development of VDMs. "We are committed to provide the best of breed biometric products and technologies that are best suited for Indian market and Realscan-10 ranks right at the top in capturing the best quality fingerprints" said Dr.Sreeni Tripuraneni, CEO of 4G Identity Solutions. In 2009, Suprema and 4G Identity Solutions have also won the contract for supply of fingerprint scanners to National Population Register (NPR) project of Ministry of Home Affairs in India.

About 4G Identity Solutions  
Suprema provides wide range of biometric ID management solution from FBI-certified live scanners to ARINC compliant electronic passport readers. Earlier in 2010, the company won a number of public projects in USA, China and Brazil. The company will showcase RealScan-10 UID and its extensive biometric ID solutions in IFSEC India 2010 in Mumbai from November 23 to 25, 2010. .

About Suprema Inc.
SUPREMA is a leading global provider of biometric and identity management solutions and systems. The company's range of products include live-scanners, biometric access control systems, fingerprint modules and ePassport readers. In 2010, the company also won Government Solutions projects in Brazil, China and EU countries in supplying biometrics and electronic passport solutions. SUPREMA has worldwide sales network over 100 countries and also a listed company in South Korea's stock exchange (KOSDAQ). For more information, please visit . .

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Nov 22, 2010 
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