Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS)

4Gid ABIS Solution for Law Enforcement is an integrated AFIS system with Multimodal Biometric Technologies to enhance the accuracy and throughput of the system during identification. The solution takes advantage of high performance iris biometric for rapid and real time identification.


  • Multimodal biometric of iris, fingerprint and face
  • Vendor Neutral: The System can accept the data captured from any of the certified biometric devices
  • Upgradeability: The system can be upgraded on a requirement basis without any impact to overall ABIS system.
  • Scalability: Enterprise level application that is highly scalable without affecting the operations of the system.
  • Standards Based and Open Architecture: The solution uses open source technologies and architecture
  • Integrated with Live scan solutions, Local AFIS, State AFIS and Mobile ID
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