Automated Fingerprint Identification Solution (AFIS)

The AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) from 4Gid has a state of the art image processing and pattern recognition technique to capture, encode, store and match fingerprints and palm prints automatically and at very high speed and precision.

The Solution integrates the fingerprint data with the personal details of the criminal/suspects like name, age, gender, modus operandi and previous convictions. The System also supports highly reliable matching of scene-of-crime prints.


  • Web enabled Multi-Tier AFIS System
  • Seamless Integration with the Live Scan Solution
  • Compliance with NIST and ANSI standards
  • Inbuilt Image Quality Check and Automatic Sequence Check
  • Automated Image Quality rating to each ten prints, flat print, palm print & latent print.
  • Manual and Automatic Image Pre-processing Capability
  • Supports Ten print matching, Palm print matching and Latent print matching
  • Phonetic Name Search & Indexing
  • Ranking of candidate matches for a selected print or set of prints
  • Verification module at Central AFIS and at remote workstation
  • Multilayered encryption of data
  • Biometric based access to the AFIS systems
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