Centralized Biometric Authentication Solution

Today Banks and financial Institutions are looking for solutions more than ever before to protect against identity theft, fraud and other security risks. Bank customer’s and Staff of the Bank, especially Core Banking users are exposed to risk of identity theft due to the single level authentication by ID password combination. 4Gid’s Centralized Biometric Authentication solution for core banking integrates multi biometric technologies with the existing security systems to provide multifactor authentication with the highest level of security. 

The features of the solution are:

  • Client side Application for Biometric Capture and Authentication
  • Centralized Server Solution for Storage and Multi factor Authentication
  • Centralized Management Console that can integrate with different biometric devices.
  • Biometric data conforms to the ISO, NIST and UIDAI standards
  • Secure storage and transmission of data through PKI Encryption
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