Biometric ATM

Traditionally, access to ATMs has been controlled by possession of card and knowledge of specific information such as Personal Identification Number (PIN) or password. The major difficulty in this type of Authentication System has been the trade off between usability, memory and security. The major assumption here is that the ATM card will be in the possession of the rightful owner and that the information to activate it will be kept secret. However neither of these assumptions can be wholly relied upon.

Biometric ATM's, the latest innovation from 4Gid, has the solution to all these problems. Biometric authentication ensures that a person is actually present rather than their cards and passwords without requiring the user to remember anything.

Banks can choose different authentication methods for their customers at their ATMs:

  • Single factor Biometric Authentication: Fingerprint, Iris
  • Multifactor Authentication: PIN combined with biometrics
  • Online or offline Authentication
  • Card less Authentication: Biometrics is combination of card and PIN
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