Consulting Services

4Gid has expertise and extensive experience in design, development, deployment and management of large scale Identity Management Solutions and services. Having worked on various biometric technologies and delivered solutions in Civil ID, Criminal ID and Homeland Security markets, 4Gid is uniquely suited to deliver strategic consulting on Identity Management.

4Gid understands that biometric applications do not follow the “one size fits all” paradigm and provides accurate, detailed advice and analysis as per the business requirements of the customers.

4Gid specializes in providing independent consulting advice in the following areas:

  • Selection of biometric devices and technologies based on business requirement
  • Design and development of Proof of Concept and pilot studies
  • Comparative Independent Analysis of various biometric technologies
  • Scalability of biometric systems
  • Fixing the FAR and FRR thresholds based on solution requirement
  • Design of multi-modal biometric solutions
  • Architectural design of biometric systems
  • Advice on management and upgrading of biometric systems
  • Defining the performance parameters of biometric systems
  • Fine tuning of performance parameters
  • Project Management in biometrics
  • Biometric System Integration
  • Compliance of the systems with international biometric standards
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