Corporate ID

Corporates across the world are embracing Biometric Based Identity Management as an element of conducting business and for protecting their assets, premises and employees. 4Gid provides robust and secure Corporate ID Management Solutions that are designed to cater to the needs of large Corporates and enterprises spread across multiple locations.

The system is developed with an integrated approach to identity management based on our deep understanding of business requirements and extensive experience of providing large scale Identity management systems across government and commercial sectors. The solution is built on a state of the art 4Gid Multimodal Identity Platform that enables multiple authentication technologies of Iris, Fingerprint, Smart Card and RFID.

The key features of the Corporate ID suite are:

  • Logical and Physical Access management
  • Recruitment Identity Management
  • Integrated Visitor Identity Management
  • Black list and Watch list management
  • Mobile ID
  • Credential Issuance and Management
  • Time and Attendance management
  • Automation of entry and exit
  • Cashless vending
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