4Gid provides the following solutions for the Identity Management needs of Judicial Systems:

Surety ID management
In connection with criminal matters, numerous sureties come to court premises and submit surety bonds. 4Gid Surety ID Management Solution for courts provides for biometric enrollment, Identification, Tracking and Authentication of the persons submitting surety bonds. The solution links the background details of the persons submitting surety bonds to their biometric characteristics in order to control the menace of bogus sureties and in order to see that there is no fraudulent duplication of sureties.

Biometric Attendance Module for staff:
Most of the nations, all over the world, are taking steps towards the modernization of the judicial administration system in order to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the management of judicial processes. As part of modernization of the judicial systems at national, state and lower levels, 4Gid provides a foolproof Automated Biometric Based Attendance System that ensures discipline and enhances the efficiency of the courts that are facing a huge backlog of cases. The System ensures an effective mechanism for recording the attendance of staff members only when they are physically present, thereby eliminating proxy attendance.

Integrated Monitoring and Access Control Systems for Courts
It is very essential that every person who attends or is present in court proceedings is entitled to a safe and secure environment. The Integrated Monitoring and Access Control System from 4Gid provides a high level of security and reliability within the court premises using an integrated combination of biometric technologies, smart cards, long range RFID identification and CCTV cameras for monitoring and access control of people and vehicles.

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