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Secure, accurate and efficient data management is critical to any identity Management Project. Data management in Biometrics includes hardware compatibility, parallel processing and data synchronization. Biometric data management has its own challenges as it is about the biometric templates and the mathematical algorithms which support them. Just as much as the hardware is important, so are the databases and the data which resides in them. It all comes down to how quickly one can be verified and/or identified in just a short period of time. It can be likened to waiting in the grocery shopping line.

We never want to wait for a long time, and we don’t want to wait for a long time to be verified. But, if we are talking about something extremely gigantic like a national database such as AFIS, we need verification/identification in just one second or less, as there are literally millions and millions of biometric matches which need to be matched at virtually light speed. And then of course, the accuracy metrics then come into play. All of this becomes even more complicated when we are talking about Multimodal Biometric Solutions.

4Gid specializes in Biometric Data Management and our services include:

  • Design of the database and sizing
  • Monitoring of the flow of biometric data from the time of collection till it reaches the date centre
  • Decryption of the biometric data, assessment for quality and acceptance and rejection
  • Database Administration
  • Managing the Biometric Matching Engines and Applications
  • Routing of the results of de-duplication to the end users
  • Managing the communication between different middle ware engines and processing systems
  • Providing applications for delivery of various authentication services
  • Master Data Management
  • Providing the MIS reports as per the requirements of the end users
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