De-duplication Services

Biometric De-duplication is at the heart of any large scale Identity Management System as it ensures that a subject is not registered more than once and ensures one subject – one ID. The de-duplication services from 4Gid are built around 4G’s Multi-modal Biometric Platform that is highly scalable, algorithm agnostic and supports a flexible architecture. The platform is built on the experience of delivery some of the world’s largest and fastest Biometric Identification and De-duplication projects. The system provides choice to the clients to from technologies and algorithms depending on the application and desired performance parameters.

The De-duplication System is capable of performing demographic de-duplication, fingerprint de-duplication, face de-duplication, Iris de-duplication and Multi modal de-duplication. The system also supports manual adjudication of matches found by the system to identify false matches if any. Biometric quality measurement before de-duplication is another most important aspect of the system that ensures a continuous improvement process by providing feedback to the enrollment agency about the quality of their data. The system is designed for continuous improvement in throughput and accuracy.

4Gid has delivered services for 20 million subjects multi-modal (10 fingers, 2 Iris & face) De-duplication

4Gid has delivered services for 56 million subjects Iris De-duplication

4Gid has delivered services for 82 million subjects Demographic De-duplication

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