Enrollment Services

4Gid provides end to end Biometric Enrollment services for large scale Identity Management projects on a turnkey basis. The enrollment services are built based on our extensive experience in designing, developing and deployment of large scale biometric projects and are specifically designed to facilitate capture of biometric and biographic data in a secure, efficient and cost effective manner. 4Gid can virtually provide every government and private sector enterprise with all the hardware, software applications and services including consultancy, project management, development, deployment, training and support required for turn-key registration and enrollment solutions.

The Biometric Enrollment Services are built around 4G’s Multi-modal biometric enrollment platform that supports a flexible and scalable architecture and is device agnostic. The platform enables easy integration of enrollment of multi biometric: Face, Fingerprint, Iris, across a wide range of biometric devices. The data stored is encrypted using PKI, making the solution secure. It is very important that high quality biometrics is captured during enrollment as it affects the accuracy of the biometric system. Inbuilt quality checks are embedded into the system to ensure feedback on quality is given to the operator in real-time.

4Gid’s Biometric Enrollment Services platform is designed for cross industry applications including Civil ID, Criminal ID, Border ID and Enterprise ID.

The various services we deliver under our Enrollment Division are:

  • Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Development of Deployment of Proof of Concept if required
  • Design and Development of Enrollment Application
  • Recruitment, Training and Certification of Enrollment Operators

4Gid has already provided enrollment services of more than 15 million residents in India's Unique ID / Aadhaar Project.

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