Health ID

Health Care Providers are seeking foolproof methods to automate means of identifying the patients, secure patient data, prevent insurance fraud, secure and easy access to medical records, and to control access to medication and medical equipment. 4Gid Health ID Management Suite addresses the challenges of securing identity information and reducing identity fraud to help healthcare providers and healthcare payers, including the governments to ensure:

  • Accurate Identification of patients to provide the right medication
  • Linking health records accurately to patients’ biometrics
  • Health records are kept confidential and accessible to only those who have the right to see it.
  • Tracking the people accessing the patient's records
  • Secure electronic transfer of patient records without chance of interception

The Health ID Management Suite from 4Gid is designed in a modular fashion that allows the clients to choose the modules depending on the functionality required and can integrate other modules at a later stage as and when required. The different modules of the Health ID management suite from 4Gid are:

  • Biometric Enrollment and De-duplication Module for Patient admission
  • Authentication module for patients
  • Integrated Patient Electronic Medical Records Module
  • Integrated Visitor Management module
  • Biometric Attendance Module for staff
  • Tracking of people accessing Health Records
  • Biometric Access Control Module to secure sensitive areas
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