Iris Technology curbs flaws
Guntur, July 2, 2005

The innovative iris recognition system has helped authorities identify irregularities in Rajeev Gruhakalpa scheme for the poor.

The method involves digital encoding of the image of the irises of applicants.

Using the identification system, the authorities found out that one B.Nagamaleswara Rao of sangadigunta in Guntur district tried to apply for another house giving the name of his second wife.

The district collector, Ms G.Jayalakshmi, said that the system identified the person quickly, preventing him from making an irregular claim.

Similarly, the system helped in detecting another person in mangalagiri municipality, whose two wives applied for the scheme separately.

The CEO of 4G Informatics, Dr Sreeni Tripuraneni, said that database storage of the encoded imaged was of great help to the authorities. “This can be used to run other welfare schemes properly,” he said.

Mr. Tarvinder Sembhi, director of Iridian Technologies, which pioneered iris technology, said he was happy that the technique was being used in a Government Solutions program.

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