Iridian Licenses its IrisChip™ Technology to 4G Informatics for Development of a Range of Lower-Cost Iris Recognition Cameras
Hyderabad, India - June 6, 2006

Latest Iridian-developed technology designed to significantly reduce size, cost, and accelerate introduction of new image capture devices for security applications.

Iridian Technologies and 4G Informatics announced today that they have signed an agreement that allows 4G Informatics of India to design and build a range of iris recognition cameras. 4G Informatics plans to develop a high-volume “public-use” camera for use in airports and kiosks, a handheld camera to be used in Law Enforcement Solutions and other mobile security applications, and an inexpensive entry access camera.

4G Informatics will be the first licensee for Iridian’s latest image acquisition technology called IrisChip™. The IrisChip system includes a modular imaging platform that combines commercial-off-the-shelf imaging technology with a chip-based implementation of Iridian’s iris recognition software. The IrisChip system provides specific hardware modules and chip-based software for iris recognition processes such as iris image acquisition, image evaluation, and image-encoding, thereby significantly reducing the size, cost, and time to market for new iris recognition cameras.

4G Informatics, headquartered in Hyderabad, India, has been a leader in deploying Iridian’s iris recognition technology, having introduced the technology for key fraud prevention applications for various state and local Government Solutionss in India. “Iris recognition technology continues to play a strong role in security applications as public entities aggressively enhance their security infrastructure,” stated Dr. Sreeni Tripuraneni, President & CEO of 4G Informatics. “We are confident that we can provide quality iris imagers at cost points that will be attractive to the growing security market. The IrisChip system supports our mission of providing world class security solutions which can be cost effectively deployed and operated by our customers.”

New iris recognition cameras built on the IrisChip design will also be Proof Positive™ certified. The Proof Positive hardware and software certification program from Iridian certifies that iris recognition cameras and software solutions meet critical standards for performance, interoperability, safety, security, scalability, usability and reliability. Certification includes a series of formal audits and evaluations, including compliance with Iridian's PrivateID®, KnoWho®, and OpenIris® application programming interfaces (APIs), security and countermeasures. Proof Positive certified cameras are interoperable with other certified cameras, not only from the same vendor, but from other vendors as well. Certified cameras easily interface with Iridian’s KnoWho Authentication Server and OpenIris Population Matcher software for searches against millions of records in two seconds.

“We look forward to expanding our collaborative relationship with 4G,” stated Tarvinder Sembhi, Vice President Product Management and Business Development of Iridian Technologies. “The IrisChip implementation by 4G ensures that Iridian’s Proof Positive certified imager portfolio maintains its robust quality with the growth of affordable next generation imaging technology. We believe that the knowledge and skill of the 4G technical team will provide cameras that establish new benchmarks for functionality and cost effectiveness.”

About Iridian Technologies:
Iridian Technologies, Inc. of Moorestown, NJ develops and commercializes software for iris recognition - renowned as the most accurate deployable biometric identifier. The holder of over thirty US and international patents behind iris recognition technologies, Iridian offers unparalleled security and scalability for public-use applications such as simplified passenger travel, border control, national IDs, and election verification as well as restricted access and information access. Iridian has experienced accelerating adoption of its technology over the past two years with installations in the Canadian CANPASS program, the US/Canada NEXUS Air program, the U.S. Registered Traveler program, the United Nations refugee repatriation program and immigration programs in the UAE, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and Japan.

Iridian’s iris recognition software and applications are designed to meet the authentication needs for large-scale, countrywide applications. Iridian’s OpenIris software allows applications to scale by adding software components using web server technology. This unique architecture enables national population searches in real time. Iridian’s revolutionary PrivateID® technology simplifies application development by offering standard data packet formats, common communication protocols, and standard APIs across an extensive camera portfolio. Iridian has also implemented its Proof Positive certification program to ensure that applications and hardware built on Iridian technology meet Iridian’s performance, interoperability, and safety guidelines.

About 4G Informatics: 
4G Informatics, an Information Technology company, is redefining the trends in healthcare and biometric based solutions. Believing in Bringing Tomorrow…Today, 4G is dedicated to bringing in futuristic technologies for the benefit of the nation and its people. Its expertise lies in providing expert solutions to help business to achieve new heights with innovative technologies in the areas of biometrics, healthcare and smart card solutions. In the present age and time where business is done at the speed of thought, it is essential to pre-empt the thought, this is precisely the pre-occupation of 4G Informatics.

Iridian Technologies:
Talvis McLaughlin
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4G Informatics:
Saswati Banerjea

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