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4Gid Identity Solutions in Channel World Magazine Premier 100 2013

Because 4G Identity Solutions provides niche solutions in biometrics and dared to traverse through a less understood domain in e-governance. Because it roped in domain experts to excel in this niche field. Because its team never knew the concept of giving up and relentlessly  pursued clients with its innovative products and solutions.

Because that belief is what drove it to deliver large scale biometric identity management solutions in India. Because its efforts resulted in it becoming the first company to introduce Iris recognition and multimodal biometric technologies technology in the country. Because it boldly took solutions outside India and established new markets in Africa and the Middle-East. Because taking biometric solutions to new locations comes with its own challenges and 4G Identity Solutions has been successful in surmounting them. 

Because its revenue grew by 45 percent even in a tough year when many of its established competitors struggled to make any headway. Because even through testing times it strategically dealt with the problem of attrition and has never been short-staffed. Because this assured that the best hands implemented quality solutions. 

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