Mobile ID

Mobile ID solution from 4G adds wireless dimension to its existing Identity Management Solutions to deliver a reliable and mobile method of Identity Management for criminal ID markets. The Solution allows capture of biometric data in the field, safe and secure transmission through GPRS/3G and compares the captured biometrics against a local or central biometric database.

The captured information can also be compared with that stored within RFID tags, smartcards and other Machine Readable Identification Documents (MRIDs).


  • Instant Identity Verification in the field, rather than having to take the suspect to the police station
  • Instant enrollment in the field
  • Helps to avoid false arrests by using accurate biometric identification
  • Colour coded responses used to inform officers of any immediate threat levels or security risks associated with the person in question.
  • Easy-to-use administrative and setup procedures for keeping server system operational and ready to use
  • Leverage multi-biometrics to enhance accuracy of Identification.
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