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Governments across the globe provide different identity cards for several different purposes like National Population Register, Voting, Healthcare, Taxation, Social Security, Driving License, etc. The Identity Management Solutions and systems that provide these different identity cards are designed to the identity needs of individual government departments. Most of the times these individual Identity databases are in isolated silos, do not talk to each other and have inherent inconsistencies with respect to the data of the citizens. These individual Identity Systems have become ineffective and inefficient and are too complex and cumbersome to manage and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) has also increased tremendously.

4Gid’s National ID Solution provides integrated Identity Management System to Governments for delivery and maintenance of centralized national identity database and multipurpose ID cards to its citizens. The system incorporates biometric technologies for the Governments for positive identification of its citizens and to provide various services to its citizens in a secure and foolproof manner. Integration of accurate identification brings on the benefits of national security, improved service delivery and significant savings to the governments. The solution also integrates Match-on-Card Biometric Technology that has proven to be a secure, highly convenient and cost-effective way of verifying identity offline also.


  • Multi-biometric enrollment of citizens
  • PKI encrypted data communication to secure biometric data transfer
  • Multimodal biometric De-duplication and provision of Unique Identity(UID)
  • Seeding of UID into different Government ID databases
  • Integration of different government databases to remove inconsistencies
  • Creation of a single trusted and secure database of Citizens
  • Providing multipurpose National ID credentials
  • Authentication solution for delivery of services
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