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Dr. Sreeni Tripuraneni interview in Leader Speak Section

Dr. Sreeni Tripuraneni, Chairman & CEO4G Identity Solutions, a vascular surgeon by training and an young entrepreneur, has a long-standing passion for applying biometric technologies to uniquely identify individuals. Dr Sreeni has done his MBBS from Sidhartha Medical College, Vijayawads Andhra Pradesh in 1996 and his specialization in Vascular Surgery from UK. Further Dr Sreeni did a Diploma in Medical Informatic and worked at UK specially on electronic Patient Records. His vision at 4Gid is to design, develop and deploy large-scale identity management solutions for the developing countries. With a focused vision to benefit mankind on a large scale, Dr. Sreeni Tripuraneni assembled and motivated an excellent team of professionals and led the company to win and execute some of the world’s largest identification projects.

An able thought leader and a successful architect of Identity innovation, Dr. Sreeni Tripuraneni has won the ETNow Leaders of Tomorrow Award 2011 owing to his passion, determination, spirit of entrepreneurship, business success and innovations. Dr. Sreeni has also won Aadhaar Excellence Award 2011 from Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for 4Gid achieving best quality as an enrollment agency. Earlier in 2010,Dr. Sreeni Tripuraneni received the ID World Outstanding Achievement Award for his outstanding contribution to field of Identity Management.

4G Identity Solutions (4Gid), is a global leader in providing large scale Identity Management Solutions using biometrics. 4Gid specializes as an End-to-End Identity Management Solutions provider & System Integrator in Civil ID, Homeland Security & Law Enforcement for Government, Corporate, Banking and Defense sectors. 4Gid has re-defined ID Management business space by providing thought leadership and proof of concepts that led to the world’s largest ID programmes. 4Gid has executed many Worlds first large scale Identity Management Solutions for federal governments, multilateral agencies and top notch Corporates and is currently delivering World’s Biggest Civil ID Project – India’s Unique ID / Aadhaar.

Brief us about the partnership with Corporate Honchos?

4Gid has provided the World’s largest corporate ID system for one of the world’s largest petrochemical conglomerates based in India and has implemented similar solutions for many public sector units.

Are you planning to expand business in UK and US? Any plans to expand regions globally?

4Gid recently opened offices in Dubai for focus on Middle East & Africa markets. 4Gid has plans to expand business in UK and US.

How is your Citizen ID Solutions business undergoing?

Citizen ID Solutions is doing extremely good and 4Gid as a pioneer in biometrics has executed some of the world’s largest biometric identification projects before the UID project and is honored to play an active role in Unique ID/Aadhaar project as biometric solution provider, Integrator of biometric quality check SDK’s into Aadhaar enrolment application, STQC-UIDAI certified Supplier of the biometric devices and is also empanelled for taking up enrolment operations across the country. 4Gid is putting in best efforts along with various stakeholders to ensure that the prestigious UID / Aadhaar project meets its objectives in time. 4Gid is now talking beyond citizen ID by bringing in the advanced concept of Public Service Delivery Infrastructure which uses Citizen ID as a base to enable the governments to provide all services to the citizens through a single window.

What are the challenges ahead for Aadhaar project?

  • Scalability & Data Management Challenges
  • Creating & Managing the quality a huge UID/Aadhaar Database
  • Adoption of UID for Authentication
  • Thorough Implementation & Positioning of UID / Aadhaar for government schemes

What are the opportunities do you see for Aadhaar project?

Opportunities for Aadhaar Project:

  • For IT Companies it provides with an opportunity to come up with Aadhaar based applications in the areas like PDS, NREGS so on
  • For Hardware companies it provides the opportunity to integrate various devices that would be used in Aadhaar based applications

What are the currently executed projects?

  • Supply, Installation and Integration of biometric system with Immigration, Visa and Foreigners Registration & Tracking (IVFRT) System to National Informatics Centre (NIC), Department of Information Technology (DIT) Government of India
  • Real time Core PDS project for the Government of Chhattisgarh
  • PDS project in Rayagada district of Orissa in co-ordination with UNWFP
  • UIDAI – Enrollment services for various registrars, Other works with UIDAI

Are you planning any IPO?

4Gid aims to go for public listing once the company turnover crosses 2bn.

What are your investment plans?

Our investment is more focused on core innovations in the Identity Management Space.

Brief us about your financials?

4Gid achieved revenue of 1.10bn in the FY 2011-12.

What’s the revenue target do you expect for FY12 - 13?

4Gid has an order book of more than 2bn to be executed in next 12 months.

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