4G Identity Solutions (4Gid) is a Pioneer (since 2001) & Global leader in providing large scale identity management solutions leveraging smart cards and biometric technologies. 4Gid specializes as an end-to-end identity management solutions provider & system integrator in Civil ID, Homeland Security & Law Enforcement for government, corporate, banking and defense sectors. 4Gid has re-defined ID management business space by providing thought leadership and proof of concepts that led to the world’s largest ID programmes. 4Gid has executed many of the world’s first large scale identity management solutions for federal governments, multilateral agencies and top notch corporates, and is currently delivering the world’s biggest Civil ID project – India’s Unique ID / Aadhaar.

4Gid strives to contribute in bringing today, best of the breed technologies of tomorrow and has set new benchmarks in the identity management industry. In terms of innovation and solution readiness, 4Gid has consistently been ahead of the pack. 4Gid believes and practices a proactive approach to solutioning. 4Gid experts are consistently helping in understanding client requirements and working on novel approaches to meet the same. 4Gid has pioneering solutions catering to the needs of Public Service Delivery Infrastructure, Public Distribution System, Pensions, Social Welfare schemes, ePassport, eVisa, Immigration & Border Control, Voter ID and National ID.

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4Gid strong delivery capabilities in handling large scale identity management projects has already resulted in phenomenal savings to the government exchequer, running into hundreds of millions of dollars - eliminating the errors of inclusion and exclusion in government welfare schemes thereby bringing value to millions of citizens and preventing leakages in the delivery of government welfare services like food subsidy programmes.

Some of our Projects below speak about our contribution to the Biometric Industry:

  • World’s Largest Biometric Identification - India’s UID/Aadhaar
    1.2 Billion Residents
  • World’s First Multi-Modal Biometric Civil ID
    10 fingers (4-4-2), 2 Iris & Face
  • World’s Largest Supply of 4-4-2 Slap Fingerprint Live Scanners
    15,000 devices
  • World’s Largest Coastal ID
    7517 kms, 12 Million Citizens
  • World’s Fastest De-duplication
    6.2 Quadrillion matches in 2 months record time
  • World’s Largest Corporate ID
    470,000 Employees
  • World’s Largest 1:N Realtime Identification
    90 Million Citizens
  • India’s First Automated Realtime Criminal ID
    148 Police Stations
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