Prison Identity Management Solution from 4Gid ensures that only the authorized and identified persons enter and leave the prisons thereby ensuring the security of prisons and the community outside. The solution provides for enrollment, monitoring and identification of inmates, officers and visitors. The accurate identification of inmates ensures that the authorities do not release the wrong person.

The solution comprehensively covers the Inmate Management Process from identification, intake and custody till the eventual release of inmates. The solution can also be integrated with access control, CCTV cameras and facility alarms to provide a centralized security system.


  • Inmate Management: Accurately monitors and tracks inmates. Allows administrators to automate scheduling and identify potential incidents by alerting staff.
  • Visitor Identity Management: The identification and tracking of visitors using biometric technology will provide greater assurance.
  • Tag Management: Detainees and staff are assigned RFID tags or Smart Cards enabling them to be located and their details to be viewed electronically.
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