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Public Service Delivery Infrastructure

It is essential for growing economies to improve the delivery of core public services like healthcare, education, food security, etc., for the growth to be inclusive. In an effort to promote efficient and effective public service delivery 4Gid has significantly invested in development of Public Service Delivery Infrastructure Solution that will help the governments to manage and monitor the welfare schemes and services through a single window.

This solution is built by creating biometric based unique IDs for all beneficiaries, linking of their biometric ID to their socio economic profiles, integration of different government departmental databases and developing a common service delivery framework coupled with work flow automation and application integration. This solution will revolutionize the manner in which the services are provided by governments to their citizens.


  • Resident demographic data digitization
  • Creation of biometric based Unique ID for residents
  • Seeding of Unique ID in government departmental databases
  • Integration of all the government department databases
  • Creation of centralized trusted database of residents
  • Enable collaboration and sharing of information among departments
  • Online / Offline Authentication solution for delivery of services
  • Management Information System for monitoring of services
  • Simulated application for design of new services
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