Public Distribution System (PDS)

Governments worldwide invest a lot on different welfare schemes for the deprived sections of the society. Public Distribution System (PDS) is one such effective welfare scheme aimed at reducing poverty through the mechanism of delivering food grains at affordable prices to poor households. One of the main problems in PDS has been the inefficiency in targeting of beneficiaries and has resulted in large leakage of subsidiaries.

4Gid PDS solution adopts an integrated approach which aims at streamlining the existing PDS solution by eliminating the duplicate and shadow ration cards from the system. 4Gid has successfully implemented a CORE PDS project that earned a global attention and has core expertise in implementation of end to end PDS life cycle. The 4Gid's readily available PDS framework can be customized as per the needs of the clients


  • Data Digitization of beneficiary database
  • Linking of the resident data to BPL household survey database
  • Enrollment of the multi modal biometrics of the beneficiaries
  • De-duplication to create one ID – One beneficiary
  • Credentialisation solution: Issue of personalized cards
  • Biometric enabled Point of Sale (PoS) device for positive identification of beneficiaries
  • Roaming ration card system
  • Integrated Inventory Management System
  • Centralized Management Information System
  • Work flow based solution for Issuance, deletion, migration & splitting of ration cards.
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