Recruitment ID

In the present job market environment where the recruitment process has become globalised and decentralized, it is increasingly difficult for governments and organizations to adopt a foolproof recruitment process. Impersonation during different stages of recruitment has been a major problem in the recruitment of the right candidates for the right jobs.

4Gid provides Biometric Based Recruitment Identity Management Solutions for Governments, Institutions and Organizations that conduct examinations or recruit people in large numbers.

The key features of the Recruitment ID suite are:

  • Enrollment of the applicants during the first stage of recruitment : Biometric and Face Capture
  • Linking the biometric data to the applicants’ demographic data
  • De-duplication of the data to ensure one application per applicant
  • Authentication at subsequent stages of written test, medical test, interview etc., and finally before joining the organization. This is to ensure that the applicant who initially enrolled in the biometric system is the same individual who progresses through the rest of the recruitment process
  • Watch list management: Manage list of rejected and ineligible applicants to ensure that these applicants do not re-appear for recruitment within the time period defined
  • Black list Management: Manage list of debarred applicants to ensure that these applicants do not re-appear for recruitment
  • Enrollment and authentication of examination centre staff to avoid proxy attendance
  • MIS system as per the requirement of recruitment agencies
  • Developed on an open architecture, Recruitment ID can be integrated to any legacy, ERP or HRM System
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